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Next Arkansas ApHC Horse Show: (all classes open to ALL breeds with $5 per class entry fee)
October 11, 2014 – Conway, AR(@ Back Achers Ranch) – Dawn Fry
(Back Achers Ranch, 3725 College Avenue, Conway, Arkansas)
Covered arena, restaurant on the grounds and stalls available. Come show with us!
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The following show results are show results as posted by the ApHC, Inc. (the National Club) from Show Results listed at www.appaloosa.com. Official show results for the Arkansas ApHC for year-end awards are maintained by the Arkansas ApHC secretary and are based on 1st through 5th placings.

On this page you’ll find horses, services, and just about anything else that a member might wish to sell that’s related to Appaloosa horses and their owners. If you have items for sale, email information to webmaster@arkansasaphc.com for review and posting.

ALL 2004 HORSE SHOWS WILL BE HELD AT Hestand Stadium, 410 North Blake Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas (stalls available on the grounds) DIRECTIONS: From Little Rock, follow I-530 South to Pine Bluff. Take Pine Bluff (Hwy 65 Business route) exit to the large intersection of Hwy 65 Business and Blake Street. Turn left and go about one block. Hestand Stadium is on the left. From south of Pine Bluff, follow I-530 by-pass. Take Pine Bluff /Hwy 65 Business exit. Proceed to large intersection of Hwy 65 Business and Blake Street. Turn left and go about one block. Hestand Stadium is on the left. NOTE: Here are the landmarks for the large intersection mentioned above – Western Sizzlin (on the right); Horizon Inn (on the left); Burger King (on the left); Taco Bell (on the left).

All horses entering show grounds must present an original negative coggins test dated within one year of show date in order to enter the show grounds. An Arkansas State Certified EIA inspector will be at the gate and will request your coggins tests for all horses in your trailer.

All out-of-state horses must present a health certificate dated within 30 days of the horse show or an equine health passport.

You must present original or copy of horse(s) registration papers (front and back) and your 2004 National ApHC membership card at the show desk.

Please note: POINTS DO NOT COUNT UNTIL YOU BECOME A MEMBER. If you want to earn year-end points, be sure to join the club before showing! You must show in at least 50% of our horse shows to earn year-end eligibility. Points for ARKANSAS year-end awards are counted as follows: 1st = 5 points; 2nd = 4 points; 3rd = 3 points; 4th = 2 points; and 5th = 1 point. Grand Champions and Overall High Point division winners receive 2 bonus points per show. Reserve Champions and Reserve Overall High Point division winners receive 1 bonus point per show. (For information regarding NATIONAL points earned through the ApHC Inc., Moscow, ID, please refer to the National ApHC current year rulebook.)

The Link between the Thyroid Hormone and Hair Loss

The thyroid is associated with the hair loss referred to as alopecia. The thyroid gland produces hormones which are known to control metabolism. When the gland is damaged either by an autoimmune disorder or any other cause it leads to a reduced metabolism and does not produce sufficient hormones like Profollica that the body requires to function normally.

Too little or excess thyroid hormone production causes hair loss because it makes it difficult for the body to metabolize the protein required to facilitate healthy growth of hair. It results in the drop of the acid level making it difficult for the body to absorb important minerals and vitamins that are required for the growth of hair. A drop in iron and zinc levels leads to hair loss. This is where Profollica pill comes in. It is packed with vitamins, amino acid and other essential minerals which can be used to treat nutritional deficiencies and promote protein synthesis. These protein play a critical role in hair growth.

Why take Profollica Pills

Profollica is loaded with Niacin or vitamin B, which is responsible for increasing blood circulation and carrying oxygen and nutrients to the hair cells. It strengthens the hair strands and prevents them from breaking.

On the other hand, too much of thyroid hormone which may be caused by diseases could lead to hair loss. When there is too much T3 in the body, it results in hair loss. Therefore, it is important that you have it checked and take medication to reduce the chance of hair loss.

Other than taking Profollica pill, it is recommended that you try to get thyroid in the right balance to help correct the hair loss problem. Using supplements rich in iron, vitamin, the B-vitamins, and iron is critical in helping slow down the hair loss.

Equestrian Centers in Chicago

The noble sport of horseback riding has never been so interesting and fun to do like it is today, because of everything the modern world has to offer. There are special offers that give you the opportunity to ride almost everywhere, and today you can travel fast from one to another place, so that it is quite easy to get to a specific place that is good and interesting for horseback riding. One of those places would be Scotland, with its amazing green landscape and beautiful beaches it is just like made for horseback riding. There are even some cities and countries that are known for horses and riding, like Texas, the home of cowboys, Chicago the home of everything good and many other places in the US and all around the world.

Some tips for beginners

If you are a beginner, and are about to ride a horse for the first time, then there are exercises you can make in order to be prepared for your first horseback ride. Your feet have to be prepared to stay in one position for a longer time, that would be the position when you step on the end of a stair so that the angle between your foot and leg gets from 90 to 45 degrees. The best way to train that are the stairs, of course. You also have to be able to sit in the position horseback riders sit, for a long time. In order to be able to do that you can always exercise your leg muscles and work on your sitting position, because your spine should stay straight - just like they taught you at school.

Don't forget to work on you as well, because there is always a good soul in a good body, and animals can feel when we are afraid or nervous. Also try to build a relation between you and your horse, that is how he will learn that you are good and you won't have any problems with it in the future, even if it does not see you in a longer period of time. Let's go back to Chicago and places there, where you can enjoy horseback riding and experience some other things the city has to offer. You can always take a Chicago friend to learn horseback riding with you.

The best place, near Chicago, for you and your family to enjoy, learn and experience horseback riding would be the Palos Hills Riding Stables. This is one of the best places in Chicago and even the US, where you can do horseback riding. They do private and group lessons and their horses are trained to be friendly and respond well to people who may not know exactly what they are doing.

One more place for the whole family to go horseback riding in Chicago is the Sarah’s Pony Rides And Trail Rides. Their horses will grow to your heart pretty fast and be your right companion in this journey that may be new for you. At Sarah's Pony Rides they also have options for experienced riders and even professional riders. Beside these two places you can also enjoy the unique offers of Forest View Farms, because they let you even organize children birthdays parties there. There are also Fitzjoy Farm Riding Academy and Fox Meadow Farms, they all have websites so make sure to check them out and to pick the date you will go there and enjoy some horseback riding.

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